About the Artist

Tom Antil

Tom Antil grew up in the United States. His Canadian heritage goes back to 1652, so moving to Canada was like coming home.

In the early ‘70’s he began drawing and painting. He drew from sketches or photos. From the beginning he was influenced by the impressionists, and pointillists in terms of style, the fauvists for their arbitrary choice of colours, folk art for its mural like qualities and people on the street scenes.

Tom has painted many landscapes, but currently prefers painting cityscapes. He has painted several hundred paintings, showing his work mainly to family and friends. He has been encouraged to pursue a wider audience and has decided to market archival reproductions of his works.

“Observing what I take to be true eye candy in the world around us and trying to recapture and recreate it in a drawing and finally a painting has been a lifetime pursuit for me. The challenge is to portray in a relatively small retangle something that at least approaches the visual excitment that I saw in the first place. Each painting is a new challenge, and as I see new possibilities I hope my work will continue to evolve in a positive way.”

Tom Antil

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